Facing the future with a sense of the past

When you are facing changes it becomes natural to think of the elements and items which have become familiar.

Strangely enough one of those things for me is the sense of being organised and well-planned. It’s a skill which doesn’t come naturally to me at all but one which i think i have acquired over time through my work.

As an undergraduate i coasted and was generally useless. At least once it led to me letting down colleagues on marked assignments and worse it undermined my standing generally meaning that my sense of not being listened too came to be truthful but because of my own arrogance.

Being older and wiser, I have to avoid this situation again.

Something which the world of work has taught me is that being organised isn’t simply getting stuff done on time; it’s an sense of what you are doing each day and over the long-term. In my most recent position I had a manager, whom i would say, got the best out of me. To put it bluntly he beat the edges off me and rebuilt my sense of how i approach each day at work. Going from a rough guess to a clear plan, is more losing the daily act of faith that you dont miss something rather than somehow betraying your character.

To do lists, blocking time out in calendar, and simply knowing when things are going to hit a crunch point are all obvious points. But the more I think and reflect, I have a tendency to plan without meaning too. Prior to this my approach to work was very much in the moment and i doubt that my studies (much like my career) allows for such a narrow view.

Its been a valuable lesson, looking to my long break before I start at Keele it would be easy to see it as essentially a long holiday. It isn’t, although it is a break, it is a break with the past and thus has to be forward-looking. I am already planning it, but not within an inch of insanity – I am realistic. But the realisation that i am prepared to do that fills me with confidence that i am not planning to fail.

Part of that stems from me deciding to invest in Microsoft Office & Outlook on my Mac. What has brought this betrayal? As much as I appreciate and love google and apple products, the work-inspired familiarity of office and outlook are worth the price i have paid. It’s no more than that, i feel in a better place with familiar bongs and tones of office and outlook shredding my core memory and halving my battery life. And, as i currently have the salary to pay for it, it doesnt feel prohibitive.

However, there is always the pertinent point that best intentions don’t always reflect the best outcomes. But if I mess this up, it wont be because i have been half-witted and badly organised.


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