And so it begins….

With only 71 working days left of the gainful employment i have had for the last ten years, i must confess that i am both excited and anxious that my decision has finally caught up with me.

To explain, at the ripe old age of 31 i have decided to abandon my career in local government and undertake a MRes at Keele University. I have always had a passion for History and over time this has evolved from the your classic, linear model of dates, battles and people into an obsession with economic history.

My partner, whom you will often read referenced, has been the driving force behind me in doing this, i honestly couldn’t have even started the process of thinking about this until she pushed me. To leave a well paid, strategic job in a good local authority at a time of massive public sector reform has both surprised me and filled me with the obvious trepidations that you would expect.

So why am i doing it? and what is this blog for?

On the first point, i am doing this because i should. If i didn’t i would always wonder if i should have and i would frankly be sad about it As my partner said, it won’t do me any harm to take a least a year out and test myself – it might even be the start of something new.

In terms of this blog, its purpose is ill-defined at present. I am by all thoughts an absent minded writer of a blog. My aim is to become a better writer over time, share my experience and some of my thoughts; beyond that i haven’t a clue about this and its purpose.


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